How we work

Our methodology can be divided into four broad stages, although these may overlap and even be revisited as the process of change continues:


We know that fully understanding our clients and their businesses is the difference that makes successful change possible. We make a point of meeting the people that make a business what it is - whether decision-making or customer-facing - and finding out "Why change? Why now?". We assess the organisation's perception of itself, its place in the market and its goals. We have a number of analytical tools at our disposal to allow us to get in tune with the 'psyche' of your organisation. Most consultants prove their value with a 75-page report. We'll give you that if that's what you want, but we'd rather give it to you in a paragraph.


Our aim at all times is to be your partners in change: to do the work with you, not to you. Consultation is the stage where we share the findings of our enquiry and draft interventions. We often find at this stage of reviewing a change process that businesses can benefit enormously from restating their goals, their vision, and the messages they are sending. We give you an honest, no-nonsense look at the current state of things and, if necessary, an analysis of how they got that way. More importantly, we help you to think about how to get to where you want to be.


This is the bit where things really start to shift. We engage directly with you and your people, implementing the tools for change that have been identified in Consultation. The content of this stage will be unique in every client's case, in accordance with their unique set of circumstances, but our objectives in working with you and your people might be one or more of these:-

  •  Building confidence
  •  Instigating new ways of working - updating systems and processes
  •  Generating a shift in the 'culture' of the team
  •  Clarifying goals and the actions required to achieve them
  •  Identifying the resources you have and the resources you need
  •  Developing your capacity to enrol others and create buy-in
  •  Involving your stakeholders - all who care about or are affected by the change
  •  Raising awareness of your impact on others and your ability to influence them
  •  Raising awareness of the impact you have on yourself - the influence your belief system has on you and your performance
  •  Developing your ability to reflect effectively on your own performance as an agent for change
  •  Enabling you to be authentic with yourself and with others in a challenging, constructive way


We want to see your organisation getting where it wants to be. That doesn't necessarily mean you need us alongside you all the way to the goal. Sometimes all a business needs is to be more strongly engaged in its change process or better equipped to cope with the challenges that change brings.
By the time Intervention is complete, you should be further towards your goal (if not there already!) and more capable and confident of negotiating change in the future. We stand by the results of our methods and after Intervention we carefully review the outcomes that have been achieved. We also help you consider what your future requires - whether or not that involves us.
The better you feel about the way ahead, the better you look as a person or a business.
And if you look good, then we look good.

What Makes Us Different

Our belief in the uniqueness of each client relationship, the specialised tools at our disposal and the attitude with which we use them. Our attitude is based on the following assumptions:

  •  Integrity from the top-down - If you're leading change you have to be immersed in change.
  •  Integrity from the bottom-up - It is crucial to engage the entire organisation - key decision-makers don't always carry the key to change.
  •  Equality - We care about our clients. We choose to be in the struggle with them as partners, not as academics or back-seat drivers.
  •  Experience - Unlike some consultants, we haven't spent our whole careers in consultancy. We come from backgrounds in sales, marketing, publishing, retail and financial services. We know how challenging and difficult it can be to change.
  •  Responsibility - We don't recommend any course of action we haven't taken ourselves. We bring personal insight and experience to bear on the issues at hand and we can share with you how the techniques we use worked for us.
  •  Authenticity - We believe people have a hunger to know where they really stand - and that is what they really need in order to fully engage with change. We will be brutally honest with you. We'll challenge and support you, but we won't flatter you or do it for you.