Who we are

Paula Harris   |   ^ back to top

Paula Harris is a human resources expert with a particular focus on needs analysis, business development and client relationship. Her work as a change agent touches on all areas of an organisation, up to and including the coaching of executive board members.

As a project leader on global initiatives in organisational change, she has an outstanding track record of creating impact and lasting results on individual performance, employee relations and corporate culture. She brings more than 17 years experience of formulating and delivering HR development strategy for organisations such as ASDA, the Probation Service, Psion Computers and LexisNexis.

Paula is accredited in MBTI, holds an MBA in Human Resources Management from Middlesex University and is a Fellow of the CIPD.

Alex Wheatley   |   ^ back to top

Alex Wheatley is an IT consultant and the creator of respond2change's unique survey software.

Originally commissioned to develop the survey tools as a static bespoke package, he realised the potential of the idea and radically revised it to the sophisticated, highly flexible web-based system it is today. He continues to enhance and develop its functionality in line with client needs.

Alex's extensive career in IT includes many years as both a full-time and contract analyst/programmer with expertise in a wide range of object-oriented and distributed technologies. Clients have included Westpac Bank, American Express, Lexis Nexis and BT.